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I grew up fishing in the great Pacific Northwest, starting at seven years old when I saw 2 folks fly fishing on a local lake. I ran over to my father, and asked him what they were doing.  He said “They are fly fishing."  I replied, " I want to do that!"  He said "I don’t know how to do that, but we will figure it out!”  Two days later he brought me home my first fly rod. A week later he brought me home a fly tying kit. 

Well as you can imagine I read every book I could find in the library; begged my father to take me to Seattle to visit Patrick’s Fly Shop, and started trying to tie every fly pattern I could find. Growing up, I got into quite a bit of trouble for taking thread from my mom’s sewing kit (she had all the colors!) and shaving fur from the family dog (not a good idea). 

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